Happy Halloween!

Tonight is Halloween!  For those who plan on celebrating out and about today or tonight, have fun!  For many, the scary thing is day after-Halloween ... aka the aftermath guilt.  As the folks from The Athlete's House put it... 

Yes…you ate 16 “fun size” candies and drank enough to wake up with a hangover.  Don’t bother crying over the spilled milk.  The salty tears will just make more mess to clean up.
Take the day to think about the great time you had, get over the headache, then step into tomorrow with only a view of the present moment.  Lamenting over the 2 lbs. you gained or fantasizing about how good that sugar rush felt will keep you from living your best life in the present moment.
That moment will be about how alive you feel as your heart is pumping blood through your veins, extra oxygen is filling you lungs, and sweat is washing away the toxins from your body.

Happy WOD’ing today, and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow!