Congrats Brigitte and Peter

Brigitte and Peter went out to CrossFit Potrero Hill yesterday to represent in the Hassle Free Record Breakers Oly meet... and both killed it!

Brigitte went 6 for 6 (that means no misses!) and ended with a 52k snatch (PR!), a 69k clean & jerk, and a 110k total (a 10k meet PR!).  Peter went 4 for 6 and ended with a 64k snatch (a meet PR!), a 88k clean and jerk, and a 152k total (PR).  Peter's total qualifies him for this year's American Open!!  Well done!!

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 7.06.20 PM.png

If you see them this week, make sure to stop them and give them a giant high five!