Why I Coach

I was looking through some old posts from UB's old website and I ran across something I wrote: "Why I Coach."  After rereading it, I found it still rings true 100% true today, so I am re-sharing it.

How I ended up coaching and why I coach are one in the same story.  But instead of discussing how I got here (which is how I usually answer this question), I'll focus more on my vision for UB, and why 2 1/2 years later I know I have the best job there is.

To set the stage, I want you to take a second and conjure up your vision for your life.  What does your healthy, fit, happy, active self look like?  Perhaps your vision is to deadlift 400+ pounds?  Perhaps it's to be able to do an RX workout.  Or maybe it's to be a role model for your kids while being able to to keep up with them in the park on a Saturday.  Your vision is what drives me.  Not only am I inspired by your vision, but I believe in it, and I thrive on creating an empowering space for you to achieve it.

That might sound backwards, but a lot of what we do is about you.  My vision for United Barbell from the beginning was to create a space where the focus was function, form and family.  A gym where everyone is considered an athlete.  A place where the new athlete was celebrated while being inspired by the achievements of their seasoned, awesome fire-breathing classmates.  I wanted a gym that had room for everybody's vision equally.  A little over seven years later, that vision still motivates me and has me striving to be that much better a coach and owner everyday.

I coach because I want to live in possibility, in the space where everybody gets to be their version of a bad-ass.  Watching each of you have your moments when you suddenly get that next level -- whether it's suddenly figuring out how to do a double under or getting to the top of the whiteboard, that is what has me driving home with a smile on my face.  Combine that with the awesome business partner and amazing staff we have collected over the past 7+ years, and I would say I've got the best gig around.

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