Support UB at the Rite of Passage This Weekend!

Doing your first "official" meet (powerlifting or oly) can be terrifying.  There are outfits and audiences and a lot of rules to follow.  Last weekend Daniel and Brigitte took on their first powerlifting meet.  This weekend, 5 UB athletes will be taking on their first Oly meet at SPS's 2017 Right of Passage:


What: In the spirit of supporting the growth of weightlifting and encouraging new lifters, SPS created a meet is exclusively for those who have never lifted in a USAW sanctioned event.  Last year 6 UB athletes took on the event.  This year we have 6 more: Alan A., Austin I., Chris C., Coryn, Manu G. and Sunli all donning their first singlets!

  • When: We have lifters both Saturday & Sunday 
    • Saturday: Manu @ 9AM ; Chris C. & Sunli @ 1PM
    • Sunday: Austin I. @ 11A ; Coryn @ 1PM ; Alan A. @ 3PM
  • Where: Speed Power Strength

2140 Livingston St
Oakland, CA  94606