The Weekly Dose of Awesome

If everyone approached life (and their WODs) like this week's awesome, the world would be a more zestful place with the sun shining just a bit brighter.  


Robbie A. is the kind of athlete who shows up to class to get shit done.  He is committed and hungry for gains.  He will gladly take on a show-down, even if he's just up against himself.  At "3, 2, 1, Go!" the world goes quiet, and he is 100% focus.  That said, don't let his profound mid-WOD intensity fool you. Robbie might be stone-faced about his workout, but he is all sunshine and witty rainbows the rest of the day.  He brings levity to class and is eager to cheer on a classmate or greet a new face.  Robbie knows whether to turn the dial turn up the volume on the intensity V. the fun.... That makes this man awesome in my books!