The CrossFit Mentality

Someone recently asked me how to get the most out of their CrossFit experience.  Here are some tips for those of you looking to maximize your time:

Have fun

While you are trying to get fit, try to have fun. CrossFit is about being yourself.  Don't worry about how you look, worry about how you perform. CrossFit is your time to let loose and give back to yourself - take advantage of it.


Suck it up, buttercup

Not every day will be your favorite workout.  You might not like metal, or rap, or whatever is on in the background.  Come prepared to face all those pains and things you hate head on. Feel it. Fight it. Finish it. 

Never say "I can't"

I always tell people that my favorite part of a CrossFit workout is the 5 minutes spent on the floor recovering after it's over.  A successful CrossFit workout is one where you leave it all on the gym floor, and you go home spent.  Failure is ok - in fact, it’s a fundamental part of your growth. Only putting in 75% effort is not.

Be accountable

We only get to see you for one hour, so take care of what you need to in the other 23.  Sleep, stretch, foam roll, put that lacrosse ball where you need it to get rid of all your tight muscular junk.  Keep track of your food and workouts to help you make appropriate goals– the worst days will be your best motivation, and your best days will be you badges of honor.

Join the club

CrossFit is a community, and you'll get out of it what you put in.  Introduce yourself to the people in your class you don't know.  Cheer, clap and encourage others.  People shouting your name and cheering will motivate you to finish a tough workout.