The Weekly Dose of Awesome

The fact that Bernardo enjoys arriving to work exhausted from the mornings workout should tell you quite a bit about his character. Bernardo is always willing to push himself and others around him, while also being the first person to cheer someone on from his collapsed position on the floor. Bernardo has a great sense of humor and is a solid guy to be around and to coach. The positive vibe he brings in the early morning is felt throughout the class. If you haven’t met him do yourself a favor and stop by the 7:30am class to meet our latest awesome.

1. Name: Bernardo P. S.

2. Nickname/Alter Ego: Bebe or Pikachu. People call me Bebe since I am 6 years old, apparently because I looked like a soccer player called Bebeto. Pikachu is because people cannot pronounce my first last name. However, since I arrived to the USA I got many nicknames as very few people can pronounce my name correctly (when ordering food I have to show my ID).

3. Hometown: Madrid (Spain!!!)

4. Occupation: Software Engineer, ankle model for many fashion brands, and professional shower singer.

5. When did you first start CrossFitting: May 2016

6. When did you first start CrossFit at UB: October 2016 I did the Onramp with Steve Wong. Luckily every workout is in english in Spain too so it was easy for me to catch up.

7. Favorite WOD: Every one that has box jumps, burpees, cleans or bodyweight workouts

8. Least Favorite WOD: Overhead Squats....,Snatches ..... Double Unders... I am getting there, watch out!

9. How did you first get exposed to CrossFit: My gym membership ended in Spain and I had 4 months before moving to SF and decided to try something new. I couldn't workout in a week after the first class, I was sore from toes to eyebrows. 

10. What is an unexpected way CrossFit has affected your life: My friends know all my PRs and they cannot understand why I get up at 6.30 am to workout and I feel good when I arrive exhausted to work. Also now, when I meet a girl, I ask her if she dances salsa/bachata and if she workouts. Negative answer to both normally is a dead end. 

11. What is your favorite cheat meal: Cañas + Tapas, which is almost every day haha. Manchego cheese (cannot live without it) jamón ibérico, chorizo, Ribera del Duero wine... please....stop!!! I miss it a lot! 

12. How has injury played into your athleticism and mindset fortitude as an athlete: I had a very bad motorcycle accident in 2010, A car hit me head on. I dislocated my jaw, shoulder and cannot move two toes, but didn't get any broken bones. In order to recover my mobility I had to partake in very painful physical therapy sessions and workout to strengthen my bones and muscles again. After some time, and painful recovery, I am here and ready to kill it!!!