It's Goal Time!

2017 is coming to an end!  With 2018 around the corner, so are the lists of resolutions people make to better themselves.  In fact, statistically 45% of you will make resolutions, and only 8% will be successful with them over a long term period.  There are many reasons people fail (unspecific goals, lack of vision for the process to achieve them, reaching too far too fast, reaching for too many changes at once ... etc.), but what would it take from you to be in the 8%?  What would it look like to keep your current life and goals on track and add 1 simple thing, elevating your life that much further?

As you go into the tail end of 2017, take a second to reflect on what goal you have for the first few months of 2018... From January through the end of the CrossFit Open.  Then, instead of keeping it to yourself, hold yourself accountable!  Write it up on our goals board in the gym.... And while you're at it, make sure your goal(s) is SMART:

  • Specific – Are your goals clearly defined, down to each tiny detail?
  • Measurable – Have you defined the specifics of success? How will you be able to tell that you have achieved your goal?
  • Achievable – Is what you want possible? It can be a big, hairy, audacious goal, but it must also be within the realm of possibility!
  • Relevant – Are your short term goals helping you be the athlete you want to be or are they "stupid human tricks"? 
  • Time-bound – When, exactly, will you achieve these goals?

Using these parameters will help keep you on track with your vision of your superstar self.