The Return of the "No Rep!"!


You may hear "deeper," "get all the way down," "get full extension at the top," ... etc.  Hearing this, you probably recognize this as a cue to correct improper or incomplete movement.  But what you may not be recognizing is the connection between an incomplete movement and a no rep. "But that means I have to do more work... can't I just fix it on the next one?"  Here is your short answer - NO. ... Ok, now here is the longer one....

We value integrity, quality, and measurability.  And while most of you do an awesome job of getting the WOD done with proper movement most of the time, it can be awfully tempting to short change movements when facing fatigue or competition.  But there is a lot of value to be had in redoing that rep right.  Cheating your full range of motion is only cheating yourself.  So when your coach looks you in the eye and says - do it over - or - no rep - ... Don't give them the stink eye... Lay your ego down and do it again right... Build proper technique along with character.  After all, coaching is what had you roll through our doors in the first place.