The Weekly Dose of Awesome

Whether he is shaking hands and offering high fives in greeting, or getting after a WOD, our man of the week is all smiles. But don't let that fool you, while Julio has a great attitude, he's also dogged about his goals. In fact, since finding his CrossFit groove, he is down 27 pounds and is steadily checking off a solid list of fitness goals.  Julio is the kind of man who knows the fitness fight is never over.

Where does his diligence come from?  Julio's motivation is his zest for life. He knows his fitness will lay the foundation for a spontaneous, eventful one filled with possibility... so he goes after it full force. In my book, that makes this guy pure awesome.


Name: Julio

Nickname / Alter Ego: Juicy J

Hometown: Salem, MA (15 miles from Boston)

Occupation: Process Improvement Manager at Facebook

When did you first start CrossFitting?: Fall 2015 for about 1 month

When did you first start CrossFitting at UB?: August 2016 – handful of drop-ins at UB...August 2017 – full on UB member

Favorite WOD: Cindy. Also anything with HSPU, rowing or push presses.

 Least favorite WOD: Anything involving pistols or heavy snatches. Mobility isn’t exactly my forte.

How did you first get exposed to CrossFit? A former Manager was/is a part-time CrossFit coach in LA.  He dragged me to a few class in 2015 in Houston while we were working on a project. I enjoyed it, but once that project ended, so did CrossFit.  Months later, I picked it back up at NorCal CrossFit in San Jose, but it wasn’t until this summer at UB that things got real.

What is an unexpected way CrossFit has affected your life? In general, CrossFit has brought more order and focus to several aspects of my life. Putting in about 5 WODs/week has not only led to real results, but also encouraged me to sleep more and eat right. I’ve tried to be more efficient at work, as well as enjoy my time away from work with more intention. Thank you, CrossFit (**infomercial voice**)!

What’s your secret talent? Literally talent-less. No seriously.

What is your biggest phobia? Heights. It’s pretty bad. I even have trouble being around others standing in precarious positions during hikes, at rooftop bars, or watching those crazy videos on Facebook where people jump from rooftop to rooftop…I feel sick just writing this.

What are you currently working on/what are your goals?

  •  Pistols. I hate you. I will conquer you.
  • Ring Muscle-ups. Really haven’t put the time in to practice my kip. Going for it in 2018.
  • Back Squat. 1RM is far behind others in my peer group. Going to start a 5x5 program over the Holiday break.
  • The Open. I’ve never done it. This it’s the year.

What inspires you? Watching others persevere through their own adversity. Reminds me to complain less, work harder and be grateful for what I have.

What’s your next goal in life? Travel more. Some of the most memorable moments in my life are a result of my travels. 21 countries down and next up – Peru and Mexico. Hawaii is also my 2nd home (not literally…yet ). If you are planning on going and want tips, let me know!