Try Something New

Take a second to remember how you felt when you walked into a CrossFit gym the first time.  Were you intimidated?  Excited?  Ready to take on whatever was thrown at you?  Since then you have WODded with the best of them, growing faster, stronger, leaner, and ready to take life on head first.  We love that.  After all, that's what CrossFit was originally designed for.. to make you better at life.

So the question is, now that you have reached new capacities, what have you tried that you wouldn't have before?  Was it competing (another shout out to the many teams at the Jigsaw competition, lifters at SPS Rite of Passage)?  Maybe it was a tough mudder, 1/2 marathon, an experiment with 30s day of paleo...etc.? 


Whatever you have taken the time to try, I am challenging you to go further.  Dig deeper.  Find something you would have never given a second thought to before, and try it.  Whether it's trying trapeze, snowboarding, doing the 2018 CrossFit Open, joining an intramural sport, jumping out of a plane, or starting a dodgeball team... get after it.  Know what it is already?  Post to comments and let your UB family hold you accountable!  Still have commitment jitters?  Enroll a buddy to do it with you!  Who knows?  You won't unless you try.