Happy Monday everyone!  I know you are busy preparing to kick ass at this weekend's United for Youth fundraiser and in our 2017 House Cup, but we have a couple other announcements for you.  Please read on!

Meet Jack

If you have been into the 630/730A classes on Friday in the last couple of weeks, than you had the pleasure of meeting our newest morning coach, Jack.  Jack is all smiles... but don't let his fun and jovial demeanor fool you - as a veteran and EMT (not to mention avid CrossFitter and climber), he'll teach you a thing or two about mental fortitude and pushing limits.

I'll let Jack introduce himself:


"CrossFit, to me, is a self imposed lifesaving measure. I was introduced to CrossFit while serving in the Marine Corps and immediately loved the fact that it addressed so many areas of life outside of just fitness and encouraged not only the formation of a community, but one built around healthy living. This specifically resonated with me after losing my father to things that could have been easily reversed. I fell in love with teaching and helping others improve their fitness, and lives, while in the Marine Corps and my passion continued to be reinforced afterwards during my work as an EMT. Whatever your goals I'm here to help and view it as an honor to be able to do so. Outside of the box I work in the protective security industry and I enjoy hiking, camping, rock climbing, Japanese curry, puns, and Star Wars(real mold breaker, I know)."

For those of you who don't leave bed before dawn, don't worry - you'll meet Jack as he's joined the ranks of the Black Mambas!

Schedule Changes

In an effort to streamline our services and prevent scheduling confusion, we have analyzed the schedule attendance over the last several months.   Starting February 14th, we will be changing the Tuesday and Thursday evening schedule to the following:



5PM - CrossFit All Levels

6PM - CrossFit All Levels

7PM - CrossFit All Levels


630PM: Oly



5PM - CrossFit All Levels

6PM - CrossFit All Levels

7PM - CrossFit All Levels


630PM: Level 2