NEW "POP-UP" CLASS: Crossfit Gymnastics, Sundays 10:30am

New year, new class!  Sharpening up skill work tends to be top of mind for athletes leading into the Open.  Now that preseason is in full swing, we'll be adding CrossFit Gymnastics class Sundays at 10:30am.

For the next 8 weeks only (2/5/17-3/26/17), the Sunday schedule will be:

8:30 Crossfit WOD
9:30 Crossfit WOD
10:30 Crossfit Gymnastics

Crossfit Gymnastics will be a skills based class, similar to our Olympic Lifting classes, taught by Coach Shannon.  Athletes will be guided through technique breakdowns, and skill progression drills in order to become more efficient at bodyweight movements commonly found in the Open (butterfly pull-ups, chest to bars, toes to bar, ring muscle ups, bar muscle ups, ring dips, pistols, handstand push ups).

Each week, look out for an announcement (on the UB athlete page) saying which skill(s) we'll be going over that week.  This way, athletes can stay informed and make it to the classes they'll get the most out of.  See you Sunday!