The Weekly Dose of Awesome

This week's Dose of Awesome shares more than just a name with a Hollywood actor. He also shares an easygoing nature, good looks, and the admiration of many. Well, at least we at UB admire the effort he puts into furthering his athletic prowess and we're sure he brings this to the rest of his life too. Woody H is always blowing us away with his ability to put good form to the test with a lot of intensity as well as a willingness to try new things and constantly up his game. Woody - you rule!

Name:  Woody Hartman

Nickname / Alter Ego: Sheriff (wishful thinking, though. No one actually calls me that)

Hometown: Denver

Occupation: Ops at Lyft

When did you first start CrossFitting?: Summer 2011 in LA

When did you first start CrossFitting at UB?: September, 2016

Favorite WOD: Diane

Least favorite WOD: Bull -- I hate double-unders

How did you first get exposed to CrossFit? I moved to LA and realized folks actually had (and showed off) their beach bodies. My foggy-sweatshirt-at-the-beach body needed a kick in the ass.

What is an unexpected way CrossFit has affected your life? Folks often knock Crossfit for causing injuries. I've actually found the focus on mobility to help heal and minimize my injuries.

What’s your secret talent? I'm really good at getting a dance party started. Hmmm... if I'm the only one dancing, is that still a dance party?

Where IS Waldo? From my experience, he's always at Bay to Breakers... which is also where you can find me on May 21.

What is the first song in your favorite playlist right now? Empire of the Sun - Two Vines

Olivia Graff

Olivia's athletic origins lie in gymnastics and circus arts. After finding CrossFit in 2007, she became obsessed, and three years later left her IT career and opened United Barbell. Olivia is particularly passionate about helping people new to fitness to find joy in their growing athletic abilities. Since the birth of her daughter, Isis, in 2013, Olivia can add helping little ones find their athletic path to her list of passions.