Come Prepared!

When it comes to working out, you get out of it what you put into it.  But if you come to class unprepared, you are limiting your experience, even if you are giving it your all.  Here are some of the things you should be doing to make sure you are prepared and at your best:

  • Hydrate - We bias our program towards short, heavy metcons.  Many are under 15 minutes.  So unless you are truly feeling dehydrated, stop using your water bottle as a crutch to take a breather and keep working!  You should be hydrating yourself thought the rest of the day so that you can stay on target during the WOD.
  • Fuel - Along the same lines, it is important to learn and remember how you need to eat prior to a workout.  Some feel best during a workout if they eat about a half hour before - others workout on an empty stomach.  Either way, how often have you started a WOD and thought "I should've eaten," "I really shouldn't of had that --insert poor choice here--."  As you plan out your day, respect your body's needs and give it the proper amount of fuel to handle your workout.
  • Mobilize - We can't tell you enough - take care of your junk!  All of us have different issues, and it would be impossible to address them all and still have time for a WOD - so whether you get to the gym a couple minutes early, or you are spending time on it at home... take a few minutes to work your mobility issues out!
  • Shoes - It goes without saying, bring your gym clothes!  We have had several people work out in jeans or work pants, or forced to just wear their socks because they forgot their shoes.
  • Tape - You know you are a CrossFitter when your RPM jump rope, lacrosse ball, mobility band, nanos, and gymnastics grips all share space in your gym bag. If you haven't already, add tape to your essentials list.  Face it - if you are a CrossFitter, it is only a matter of time until you get your 1st (or 100th) tear.  And once you've torn, your hands are useless without tape.  Need extra wrist support?  Tape 'em up.  scrape your shins on a deadlift or a box jump?  Tape!  Don't rely on us or fellow athletes - either pick up athletic tape from a sporting goods store, or some Nexcare Waterproof Tape from Walgreens and throw it in your bag.