The Weekly Dose of Awesome

Today we have a special, 6x overdose of awesome. Who's awesome?  The House Cup captains and co-captains. 

The Ultimates


Hayley Beauchamp

  • Favorite open workout: 16.2 (t2b, DUs, cleans)
  • Least favorite: tie between 16.1 (OH lunges) and 14.5/16.5 (thrusters/burpees)
  • Best open movement: anything heavy
  • Most work in progress: anything gymnastics related
  • Favorite team: the soon to be back-to-back house cup champs, The Ultimates. Duh.

Steve Love

  • Favorite Open WOD: 16.4 because of HSPU
  • Least favorite: 16.1 because of overhead walking lunges
  • Best Open movement: Bench press... Fingers crossed that it will show up this year
  • Most work in progress Open goat: OHS
  • Favorite House Cup Team:  The Ultimates.  Duh.

The Black Mambas

Loryn Ferreira

  • Favorite Open WOD: 15.4 because I love power cleans
  • Least favorite: 16.2 because I injured myself and was out for a year after that
  • Best Open movement: power cleans, DUs, or rowing
  • Most work in progress: muscle ups, finally starting to click and get dialed in
  • Favorite House Cup Team: Black Mamba venom runs through my veins. In a good way. 

Adrian Austin

  • Favorite Open WOD: 14.2
  • Least favorite: 16.5
  • Best Open movement: pull ups
  • Most work in progress: bar muscle ups
  • Favorite House Cup Team: Obviously Mambas

2 Fit 2 Quit

Daniel Bowen

  • Favorite Open WOD: 11.2
  • Least favorite: 13.3
  • Best Open movement: Deadlifts or HSPU
  • Most work in progress Open goat: 12.5
  • Favorite House Cup Team:  2 Fit 2 QUIT baby!!
  • Favorite Open WOD: 16.5 is the only open workout I can vividly remember. It was such a long, draining WOD, and I had really dig in and push myself to complete it. I think it was one of my first WODs where I could do all of the movements (with scaled weights) overall. 
  • Least favorite: none
  • Best Open movement:  I'll take on anyone in the world in a rowing or bike off. Though I really enjoy doing high skill exercises if we're talking about fun.
  • Most work in progress: chest to bars or double unders. I'm a breakthrough or two away from really getting good with both, but they're a grind. 
  • Favorite House Cup Team:  2F2Q, obviously