Competition and Visualization

In the CrossFit world, we are ankle deep in competition season.  Many of you are closing out week 1 of the House Cup.  With all the competitive spirit in the air, I am reminded by something my teammate, Sandra Hutson Arechaederra, was inspired to write a couple years ago.  I wanted to share it with all of you: 

Preparing for a competition is interesting.... interesting, exciting, fun, frustrating, scary, and truthfully, hard. You have to endure longer and harder training.  You need to push through any mental and physical pain you may have.  The preparation time is often longer but can be more intense than the actual competition.  Those of you going for the CrossFit Games know what I mean.
When I prepare for a big competition I do a few things differently. But the biggest thing I do is visualize lifting not only during training, but throughout the day.  It is the last thing I think about before I go to bed at night. Your subconscious can analyze and work out problems better than your waking mind, so use it. Walk through the venue, the warms ups and then successfully make each attempt in your head. Fall asleep working on the part of the competition that you need to improve the most. Your mind is your ally.  It can help you to overcome the fears, the missteps and the doubts. More importantly your subconscious can help you to realize it is not so unknown, you just need to tap into your mind and all that mental and physical preparation and destroy that fear.  Go to bed thinking it, achieving it, and you will be surprised how much more focused you are when you are actually doing it.