17.3 is more DBs! Just kidding...

If you love to snatch, this workout is for you. The DBs are gone for at least a week, but 17.3 will test your skill, strength, speed - even your math skills to follow the rep scheme. For some, this will be an 8 minute workout. For the elite, this will last a LOT longer!

Prior to 8:00, complete:
3 rounds of:
 6 CTB Pullups
 6 squat snatches (95 / 65 lb.)
Then, 3 rounds of:
 7 CTB Pullups
 5 squat snatches (135 / 95 lb.)
*Prior to 12:00, 3 rounds of:
 8 CTB Pullups
 4 squat snatches (185 / 135 lb.)
*Prior to 16:00, 3 rounds of:
 9 CTB Pullups
 3 squat snatches (225 / 155 lb.)
*Prior to 20:00, 3 rounds of:
 10 CTB Pullups
 2 squat snatches (245 / 175 lb.)
Prior to 24:00, 3 rounds of:
 11 CTB Pullups
 1 squat snatch (265 / 185 lb.)
*If all reps are completed,
time cap extends by 4 minutes.

Scaled: (Ages 16-54)
Jumping chin-over-bar pull-ups
Men use 45-75-95-115-135-155 lb.
Women use 35-55-65-75-95-105 lb.

Masters 55+:
Chin-over-bar pull-ups
Men use 75-105-135-155-185-205 lb.
Women use 45-75-95-115-135-155 lb.

For scaled and Masters, power snatches with OHS permitted

Predictor: 46 of you made a guess (18 Ultimates, 15 Mambas, 13 2Fitters).  65% of you expected DUs, and about 1/2 of you included wall balls and/or deadlifts. But only 7 included CTB pull-ups, and only 3 guesses had snatches. Two of those guesses belong to Tushar. Unfortunately, he tried to read the tea leaves in Dave Castro’s “clue” picture, and changed his prediction to NOT include the CTBs his first guess had. Tough luck, Tushar! So the 3 Prediction points go to Alfredo of the Ultimates!  He had snatches and CTBs, and we’ll forget about the rowing and HSPUs he also included :-p


House Cuppers - you guys have stepped up the Spirit game this week, and we've noticed.  Instead of 6 points being up for grabs each week, from now on we're upping it to 20 possible points! So keep it going, and remember to NOMINATE people for their spirit - otherwise it won't matter how funny their Facebook post was. The nomination form goes up here on the UB blog on Fridays at 5pm.

Tips for this week:

  • For many of us, the squat snatch tests the limits of our mobility. Hips/lats/pecs are just a few common problem areas. Give yourself prep time to mobilize all your parts.
  • Get plenty of snatch warmup before you do this. This is not a wod to "warm up as you go." Get your technique locked in and your confidence high before you start.
  • There's a huge mental component to high-volume, heavy snatching. If there's ever a wod to do a little visualization/meditation beforehand, this is it.  Coach Jay specializes in that type of thing, if you want his advice!
  • Read the Movement Standards, especially around the squat snatch for those going Rx.
  • Finally, if snatches AREN'T your thing, remember that the Open is 5 weeks. Look back at any prior Open and tell me there wasn't at least one workout that you'd be bummed about.  Put out your best effort, pat yourself on the back for doing it at all, and look forward to what's still in store!

PR POINTS - hit a snatch PR during 17.3, and earn a PR point for your team! Make sure to tell your judge before your heat starts that hitting one of the weights will be a PR.

Movement Standards

Announcement show

Remember, 5/6pm classes on Fridays are CANCELLED. We'll run heats of 17.3 starting at 5pm. Come in, sign up for a heat, warm yourself up, hit the workout, then stay for the next heat to judge. You DO NOT have to be in the House Cup or registered for the Open in order to participate. Stay around as long as you like! Open Fridays at UB are epic :-)