Coming from the world of instant gratification, patience can feel like a tall order.  Cell phones, texting, email, tweeting... our technological world lends itself to the immediate.  And while convenience is great for some things in life, it is important to still be able to trust the process.  The gym is one place where trusting the process can be hard, but patience is essential if you want to truly accomplish yourself as an athlete.  

As a CrossFitter, you need patience.  Patience learning movements.  This does not just include olympic lifts (of which people are willing to be more patient), but also include proper movement mechanics with kipping pull ups, double unders, kettlebell swings, running, etc..   You can't look at the person next to you who has a movement down better than yourself and think "if they can do it I should be able to do it."  Don't compare where you are in the process to anyone else.  If you are giving 100% effort, there are no shoulds... hard to believe?  Be patient, grasshopper. (This can be especially hard during open season when competition is the name of the game...)

Even after you have the technique down, it takes time to develop true strength, flexibility, and endurance.  Think about the time it takes professional athletes to improve on their sport - and they do sport specific training every day... EVERY DAY!  Once you are over the newbie PR climb, buckle in, because now your journey as an athlete has really begun.

Patience can be frustrating.  You will stumble.  You will fail.  You will not feel like it.  You will want to give every excuse in the book.  But with practice you can learn to be patient.  Learn to appreciate the journey.  Learn to accept the valley, knowing there is a peak on the other side.   Next time you feel you are "behind," and are ready to throw a barbell out the window because you just aren't getting it, just know that if you are showing up and putting the effort in, know that you're probably moving right along, exactly where you're supposed to be.