Mental Toughness

How have you been fairing in the open so far?  Have any of the WODs gotten the better of you?

Mental toughness is something we should all continue to work on everyday. Your thoughts can motivate you or they can leave you totally paralyzed. Developing mental fortitude and being conscientious of your own thought process will allow you to take control of situations that might otherwise overwhelm you.

In CrossFit, when your coach is yelling at you - "pick up the bar" repeatedly in your ear - most of the time it's not your body stopping you.  It's your mind.  It's self doubt.  Many times, you have it in you to do one more rep, but you are going into a mental pattern that can lead to self defeat:

"Psychological fear leads to doubt and hesitation. Unchecked it can devolve into anxiety and panic. Unsolicited, a ‘Victim’s vocabulary' starts: What if I lose? What if it hurts? What if I fail? Thoughts like these must be eliminated from your vocabulary for you to perform at your peak. Your ‘self talk’ or 'internal dialogue’ must be positive, assertive and motivating. Your inner coach must empower you to greater heights, to surpass preconceived limitations, to boldly go where…you get the picture. That is what it means to not defeat yourself." ~ Tony Blauer

From: Frank Herbert’s "Dune"

From: Frank Herbert’s "Dune"

Take each day as an opportunity to practice mental fortitude when you walk into the gym.  Don't think "what if," "I can't -" shift your perspective and get after it!