17.2 is... well, it's complicated

Surprise, surprise.  We thought we could put the DBs back in the closet, but they're back for more in the very grip-intensive 17.2.  Now the whole CrossFit world is wondering whether 2017 is the Year of the Dumbbell...

AMRAP in 12 Minutes:
2 rounds of:
- 50-ft DB front-rack lunges
- 16 toes-to-bars*
- 8 power cleans
Then, 2 rounds of:
- 50-ft DB front-rack lunges
- 16 bar muscle-ups*
- 8 power cleans
Alternating every 2 rounds 
* Movements vary by division
DBs: 50# / 35#
DBs: 35# / 20#
Hanging knee raises for TTB
Chin-over-bar pullups for BMUs
Masters 55+:
DBs: 35# / 20#
TTB & CTB pullups

The winner for WOD Prediction goes to... Dock from the Mambas!  No one came very close to what this workout actually is, but Dock predicted both the TTBs and the lunges.  We had 50 entries total. 75% of you were convinced double unders were coming.  6 of you chose a 16.2 repeat. Only 3 of you chose the BMUs, but none of those had a 2nd correct movement. Many of you picked the TTB, but Dock takes the win for also thinking of the lunges. Small consolation for the broken hand he just suffered on Tuesday, but 3 points go to Dock's Mambas!

Tips for this week:

  • Scaled or Rx, you're gripping something this entire workout.  Your forearms/hands/wrists WILL burn out. So set the DBs down earlier than you think, and break way earlier than you would normally on the rig.
  • Get plenty of warmup practice on the lunges, learning how to clean and position them on the shoulders (the rule is one head of the DBs must be clearly behind the middle of your body).
  • This workout won't gas you like 17.1. It's all about grip endurance and your skill on the bar.
  • Read the Movement Standards!  There's a lot to cover this week vs 17.1.

House Cup - this week will be the first opportunity for PR POINTS!  Get your very first Bar Muscle Up, or your very first true chin-over-bar pullup (for scaled), and you win a point for your team!

17.2 Workout Standards

WODwell films 17.2 at Flagship CrossFit

Remember, 5/6pm classes on Fridays are CANCELLED. We'll run heats of 17.2 starting at 5pm. Come in, sign up for a heat, warm yourself up, hit the workout, then stay for the next heat to judge. You DO NOT have to be in the House Cup or registered for the Open in order to participate. Stay around as long as you like! Open Fridays at UB are epic :-)