The NorCal Open Wrap Up

For those who missed out on UB's oly crew throwing up some solid weights this weekend - you missed out!  It was a great day where all 4 athletes competing took risks and pushed themselves to their max.  Shaheen and I ended the day proud coaches. Here's a closer play by play:

The Ladies

This meet was divided into two heats: ladies and gents.  First up were the ladies.  Erin faced her first meet ever, while Anita and Brigitte pushed themselves to try bigger weights while learning to trust the judgment calls of their coaches.  

  • Anita had all competition PRs and a lifetime PR for snatch: 50k Snatch/63k C&J/ 113k Total
  • Brigitte had all competition PRs and a lifetime PR total: 50k Snatch/64k C&J/ 106k Total
  • Erin had all competition PRs (yay first meet!): 26k Snatch/36k C&J/ 62k Total

The Gent

Man was up next with the men.  Man came into this second meet excited, but a little tentative with a tweaky wrist.  That plus lessons learned aside (this man plans to eat/sleep/live JERKS!), Man still managed to leave with a few new PRs under his belt:

Man had 3 competition PRs: 55k Snatch/65k C&J/ 120k Total

So what are the takeaways?  I though Anita put her reflections really well:

Lessons learned: 

1) Set goals: set tangible goals for yourself, and keep notes on your progress. the more meets you do, the more data you have to help with making realistic goals.

2) Rip off the bandaid: Don't wait too long to do a meet; if it is your first time, just go for it, have fun, and soak in the experience of the process.

3) Be proactive: Don't wait for others to do a meet. Look at the schedules, and pick a meet, and stick to it. 

4) Be consistent: getting better doesn't happen overnight, also having a program with a linear progression helped me see instant progress.

5) Make sacrifices: I committed to train 4-5x a week with olympic lifting, mostly alone. Was it fun? not all the time. I definitely had FOMO watching other people do classes. I did the Open because of FOMO, and it did throw me off my normal training cycle, and i paid for it. lesson learned!