Unless you are somehow superhuman, you have to deal with periods of stress.  These periods are hard because stress takes your focus, and pushes your goals far away to the distant future.  The question is, how do you deal?  Do you buckle down and work through it, focusing at the light at the end of the tunnel?  Or, do you break under the pressure?

Stress will take something out of you - it's inevitable.  It makes you want to eat poorly.  It keeps you up at night.  Working out, let alone CrossFitting becomes the last thing on your mind.  Understanding stress will make you feel this way as you manage your daily tasks will be essential to functioning and relaxing despite your issues.  So buck up.  Eat a square meal, rest and train!  Let your workout be the one hour when your troubles can wait outside while you sweat out your frustration and anxiety.  Taking time out of the day for yourself, no matter how small, is important!

... How do you deal?