Are We Having Fun Yet?

CrossFit.  It's serious business - right?  After all, you are here to be the baddest, fittest, bestest version of yourself.  But are you smiling while you do it?  While you are caught up trying to beat captain CrossFit, frustrated because you just can't get the form right, angry you aren't fast enough, afraid you can't finish it, are you remembering to have fun?

It is easy to get lost in the intensity of a workout.  But when it gets hard, and you become so worked up that your anger and frustration is hindering your form and focus - you need to take a second.  Let the frustration, anxiety, and negativity pass through you, refocus, and remember you started CrossFitting because it was fun.  As soon as you let yourself let go a little, not only will you have more fun, but you will be able to focus and perform better as well.

Life is hard enough - the gym should be fun.   Remember to smile and success will follow.

Celebrating victories - part of having fun!