Competing with Yourself

Competition.  It's good for performance, it's good for character, it's good for the soul.  In games season, competition is everywhere, but why limit yourself to competing in an official arena? Every day can be a competition with yourself. It might be as simple as beating your time or score, but maybe it's to not walk one step of the runs in a WOD, or maybe it's to do all your pull-ups unbroken.  

Why frame it as a competition?  It keeps you in check with your goals - What are you doing every day to get there?  Does every choice you make get you closer?  Winning involves the entire journey - from committing to your goals and working your face off to achieve them.  You are up against you and every excuse you give yourself.  To win is to choose to push yourself a little harder everyday and overcome the obstacles you have set up for yourself.


Of course, all of this requires that you are not just setting goals, but tracking your progress - you can even set up mini goals and give yourself small prize rewards for hitting your marks, both integral pieces to climbing the mountain of athletic success.