Food for Thought: Pre-Surgery Checklist

A worthwhile post from MobilityWOD.

One of our missions at MobilityWOD is to help our athletes prevent injury through consistent, daily mobilization. But injuries happen. They happen to the best of us. And sometimes those injuries require surgery.

Surgery is a serious disruption to the life of an athlete. It affects sleep, nutrition, stress levels, family -- the list goes on. 

We created the infographic below as a tool to limit that disruption. If you check all the boxes below in the weeks and days leading up to surgery we believe you'll have a better shot at recovering quickly -- and recovering optimally. 

For example, we want you to keep moving. Limit that movement to pain-free ranges of motion, but for the love of all that is holy do not pull the pity party couch potato thing. This is not a time off period. 

You have to stay social, too. Research has shown that recovery can be sped up when you spend time with friends. Don't go into that cave. Own your situation.