The Weekly Dose of Awesome

This week's awesome is bittersweet.  This man is awesome, to be sure, with an awesome story.  But sadly for us, this is also his last week.


If you have been in with the noon crowd, you probably know this guy by his jubilant laugh or his signature headband holding back his waves of Apollo hair.  But what you don't know is this man started his journey years ago with his Youtube channel EpicMealTime ("the unhealthiest cooking show on the internet lol").  After gaining enough pounds with the internet fame, Alex decided to make a change.  He went Vegan and full fitness.  He was so moved by the journey and what it takes to chase full fitness, he decided to pursue coaching.  And after trying his hands at CrossFit, he was inspired to get his Level 1.

Alex P has an awesome attitude to match his awesome story.  He comes early & stays late to work his goats, he is the first to ask questions and he is ready just as ready to make a new friend as he is to attack his workout.  As I said this is Alex's final week at United Barbell.  He leaves Friday to head back to French Canada to pursue his dreams of becoming a stellar, mobile CrossFit coach.  Thanks for sharing a little epic awesome with us Alex!  Good luck on your next adventure!

  1. Name: Alex Paul

  2. Nickname / Alter Ego: hmmm...none at the moment...always accepting suggestions :)

  3. Hometown: Montreal, Canada

  4. Occupation: Fitness Trainer & Plant-Based Nutrition Coach

  5. When did you first start CrossFitting?: 6 months ago doing random outdoor/garage WODs.

  6. When did you first start CrossFitting at UB?: 3 months ago, UB is the first CrossFit box I've been a member of :)

  7. Favorite WOD: All of them!

  8. Least favorite WOD: All of them!

  9. How did you first get exposed to CrossFit? Netflix :) Saw the doc on the 2014 CrossFit Games and thought "WHAT IS THIS?! I NEED TO TRY THIS!"

  10. What is an unexpected way CrossFit has affected your life? CrossFit has completely re-shaped my life path. It's helped me define optimal health and proper human movement while motivating me to strive for constant improvement.

  11. What are you currently working on/what are your goals? I'm currently producing fitness/health related content on social media in the hopes of building an online community to help people optimize their health daily (Instagram: @AlexPaulFitness). Looking forward to adding more CrossFit content as I get better!

  12. What is your secret talent? I can always sleep!