The Weekly Dose of Awesome


Raj started at UB late last year and has been both a regular in my Saturday classes and evening evening classes ever since.  What stands out to me about about Raj is not just his dedication to consistently come to quite a few classes a week but his persistence in improving his skills outside of class.  Raj doesn't just practice haphazardly but is methodical and regularly asks me, the other coaches, and other athletes for advice.  Our coaching staff is always happy to share knowledge and we love it when athletes proactively work on their skills like Raj.  His efforts are clearly bearing fruit as he is regularly picking up new skills and capabilities.  Raj's focus on getting better every day and constant improvement makes him a role model to me and someone very much worth emulating.

Name: Rajesh D.

Nickname / Alter Ego: My friends and colleagues call me Raj and my alter ego is a Mechanic (I just love repairing and working on cars)

Hometown: Guruvayoor, Kerala, India

Occupation: Director- Program Management at Symantec Corporation

When did you first start CrossFitting/Strength Training?: end of Oct 2016, I clearly remember my first session with Olivia, it was a reality check of my stamina, mobility and agility. I had a lot to improve.

When did you first start CrossFitting/Strength Training at UB?: UB is my first

Favorite WOD:  I mostly like WODs with combination of cardio with weights/mobility.

Least favorite movement: Overhead Squat

How did you first get exposed to CrossFit? A year back I read about CrossFit and I decided to check it out. During my runs I used to see athletes working out in UB. Finally when Kevin Levy said he is doing CrossFit at UB and that he could introduce me , I was all game to join and try it out.

What is an unexpected way CrossFit has affected your life? CrossFit made me do things which I would have never thought of doing – handstand, double unders, pistols and the amazing mobility exercises. I feel I am developing a mindset that I can do anything including things I never thought I could do. The experience of working out in UB is so different, everyone is ready to help each other. I can walk up to any coach or athletes for suggestions, improvements and skills. The approach is always welcoming and sharing the skills.

What would be your favorite cheat meal and favorite "good" meal? A nice burger or burrito bowl (Chicken or Barbacoa)