Becoming a Mindful Athlete


The Feminine Tribe is a diverse group based in Wisconsin whose mission is to positively affect women and teach them how to empower themselves through techniques and tools. Founder Stacy Simmons and her husband Trent Simmons (former UB coach) are teaming up to put on the Athlete Mind Camp. They are using the base of the Feminine Tribe's mission to teach how training your mindset can affect your performance as an athlete. The Camp will be held this weekend Sunday,  June 11th from 10:30am - 1:30pm at Glen Canyon Park (by the soccer fields) in San Francisco. Their camp is open to both men and women. Register online by June 10th to save your spot!

Coach Trent believes that fitness is a physical, mental and spiritual sport. By utilizing all three athletes have the power to crush any barrier! Stacy and Trent will be touching on all three of those aspects in their camp so expect a workout. Below is an example of just how these tools can impact an athletes results. The tools they teach are flexible and can transfer into any aspect of your life. 

As CrossFitters we tend to set limits. We set maxes, we have goats, or an injury from long ago that won't let us do a movement. We hold on to these limitations and put them up high on a pedestal. We await the day that we are strong enough to lift that weight or beat the person next to us in a WOD. But what if our body is only responding and acting in accordance to what our thoughts are telling it to do? This is where the Comes in. During this years CrossFit Open Stacy worked with her brother in-law, Jeb Simmons, and her husband, Trent,  to help them achieve mental toughness and an attitude of empowerment when competing. Together they dug deep into their fears and limitations, that prevented them from achieving their goals, and built new stories based on the principles of manifestation to help redirect their focus to achieve ultimate success as an athlete. Both men incorporated these tools into their lives and quickly climbed the leaderboard. Jeb earned the title of 20th in the masters world division and is now headed to the CrossFit Games for the first time. Trent battled his way through one of the tough central regions and earned himself 35th place in the region and 3rd place in Wisconsin. 

The Athlete Mind Camp is for anyone who wants something โ€“ wants a healthy and loving relationship with their body, wants to take their fitness goals to the next level, wants to stop putting limitations on themselves, wants to turn their negative energy into a positive focus, wants to achieve that handstand walk and muscle up. We help you figure out exactly what it is that you want and we help you turn it into what you have. We teach you how to clear away your fears, misconceptions and perceived obstacles and break free of all of those self-imposed boundaries that have been holding you back. We build that mental toughness so that when it comes to your body the sky is the limit. Are you ready to become a mindful athlete?

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