Barbara Wants You to Handle Your Hands

Tomorrow is the WOD Barbara.  If you haven't faced it before - she's quite the beast. It is also one of the named WODs that is 100+ pull ups.  Here are some thoughts to help you get through the day tomorrow.  

  1. Calluses - Maintain your hands!  Calluses are a good thing - they make your hands durable for all the barbell/bar/ring work you do.  Once you develop some of those bad boys, "keep them filed or shaved down regularly so they are still present but flush with the skin on your hand. Raised areas and ridges are a no-no. If you have particularly thick callouses, a foot callous shaver (or an actual straight razor) is helpful to actually cut away some of the thick skin, and then you can buff it down smooth with a metal nail file, pumice stone, ped egg, or dremel tool (only half kidding?)" (Hand care from CrossFit South Hills)
  2. Technique - You will be working on your grip technique before you get going tomorrow.  I believe that if you keep solid technique and stay the course on smart sets - tearing shouldn't be on tomorrow's list of outcomes. That said, what happens when you lose your grip, or you stay on that bar a little too long and you surpass your skin's threshold?  Hand tears!  Ouch! (Anyone telling you this is an achievement is a liar - a hand tear is an injury)  
  3. Tape Grips - One way to prevent tearing or protect your hands after tearing is to create a tape grip.  Follow the guide below or watch this video for a great tutorial on creating your own.  Think you will want the extra safe-guard?  Stop at Walgreens today on the way home and pick up some tape.