You're Invited

You are invited to the CrossFit Foundation’s upcoming 2017 academic nutrition conference: “Diet and Cardiometabolic Health - Beyond Calories” this Friday, July 21st, at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. The CrossFit Foundation’s Sports and Health Sciences Institute is bringing together a group of leading scientists and public health experts to consider the effects of diet “beyond calories.” Eleven experts in nutrition, metabolism, and public health, from the University of San Francisco to the University of Copenhagen, will present on and discuss the wide-ranging health impacts of what you eat and drink.

As ongoing revelations and the chronic disease crisis demonstrate the disastrous results of relying upon food and beverage industry-influenced science, the CrossFit Foundation believes it is more important than ever to support truth in the nutrition, sports, and health sciences. 

This is a free public event, with breakfast and lunch provided - we just ask you to register using this link below (which also contains the schedule for the day). 

Come learn from these world class scientists and academics and meet the CrossFit HQ and Foundation team on July 21st!