2017 UB T-Shirt Slogan Contest - Final Day to Enter!

It's the last day to enter the UB shirt contest!  

Wrack your brain and submit your favorite slogans.  As many as you want.  You can submit slogans by filling out the form below, OR dropping them in the manila envelope taped to the white board at the front room coach station in the gym.

Name *
(Voting will be anonymous. Names are collected to give a free T-Shirt to the slogan winner.)

Some inspiration from past winners:


United We Stand, In Barbells We Trust (Submitted by: Matt E.W.)

Make It Spicy, Keep It Spicy (Submitted by: Andrea S.)

The Ubicorn (Slogan submitted by: Andrew M.)

The Octopress (Design submitted by: Anita H.)

The Cali-Bear Jerk (Slogan submitted by: Jesse G.)