Take Yourself Seriously

Your athletic development matters a lot. There are plenty of reasons you might consider it the bottom of the pile: work, family, etc all come first. Naturally, most of the time these things should be your priority. However inside United Barbell's walls, it is all about YOU, and your potential. I don't care if you walk through our doors 20, 50, 100lb overweight. I don't care if you haven't done so much as jumped up a curb in 20 years. I don't care if you have a 6 week old baby at home. You walked into a place where you're allowed - expected - to take yourself and your body's capabilities seriously. So even if it's just for this week, I want you to take yourself seriously. Walk through UB's doors with those July 31st goals in mind. Banish your day's stresses and your life's issues for the hour. You're Mathew Fraser and Annie Thorisdottir ready to train your body and your mind to do work faster, smarter, and better. You know what you want, and you'll forge a path to getting it.