The Weekly Dose of Awesome

This week's awesome has been steadily working her gains since long before we met her, but her quiet dedication has a welcome addition the morning crew.  Before joining the UB crew, she and her hubs were concerned with finding a new Cross it home that was as diligent as their home gym in maintaining form while supporting athletes reaching their goals.  After trying on a few classes for size, they decided UB made the cut - and we are so happy they did!  Dan is diligent and positive and attacks all WODs with her full mind/body/spirit.  Simply put, Dan, you are absolutely awesome!

Dan & Chris road-tripping to Half Moon Bay

Dan & Chris road-tripping to Half Moon Bay

Name: Dan T. D.
Nickname / Alter Ego: Dan, Girl Dan, G Dan
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Occupation: Sales Engineer at Quad Analytix
When did you first start CrossFitting?: I started CrossFit in 2013.
When did you first start CrossFitting at UB?: I started CrossFitting at UB October of 2016 after relocating from Atlanta.
Favorite WOD: I like any WOD that is heavy on gymnastics. Give me toes-to-bar and pulls up over snatches any day.
Least favorite WOD: I dislike any WOD with snatches and overhead squats. Snatch day = rest day.
How did you first get exposed to CrossFit? My personal trainer in Atlanta was also a Crossfit coach. During my sessions with him, he would incorporate Crossfit movements into the workout. He always encouraged me to join a Crossfit gym, but I was too intimidated. I thought there was no way a person my size could Crossfit. When my trainer moved out of town, I finally mustered up the courage to take an intro class at the closest Crossfit box.

What is an unexpected way CrossFit has affected your life? Crossfit has taught me stop comparing myself to the person next to me. It has taught me to focus on myself and to celebrate my achievements no matter how small they are.

What’s your secret talent? Calligraphy and crocheting

What is your biggest phobia? Heights - this makes rope climbs extra scary.
What’s in your most frequently used emoji tab? the winking smiley face with its tongue sticking out. I use it to indicate sarcasm because sometimes you have to make it really obvious. Also, I like the poop emoji because it works for all circumstances.
What inspires you? My parents inspire me to work hard and my nephews inspire me to make everything a celebration.
What’s the last thing you searched for on Google? TFW; I saw it in a meme and didn't know what it meant, which made me feel old, so I googled it, which made me feel even older.