The Weekly Dose of Awesome

In this weeks awesome post we bring you Rylan. For those of you who know him you may be saying to yourself "yeah, no brainer". For those of you who don't, Rylan always manages to maintain a positive air about him and is always there to cheer on his fellow athlete. He is always actively seeking out our eyes and guidance to better improve his form and strive towards virtuosity in his movements. His positivity, support of those around him, and desire to continue to chase improvement in his athleticism and mindset are a inspiration to others and a driving factor in what makes our job as coaches the best job in the world.

Name: Rylan Collins

Nickname / Alter Ego: Rhyno

Hometown: Cumberland, Maine originally. San Francisco now

Occupation: Software Engineer

When did you first start CrossFitting?: February of 2016

When did you first start CrossFitting at UB?: July of 2016

Favorite WOD: I've been going to the Strength WODs a lot lately. More than anything, I've found that focusing on my technique has improved all my movements. SWOD is a great way to get guidance from coaches and focus on individual lifts.

Least favorite WOD: I have a hard time with any WOD that takes longer than about 10 minutes, to be honest. I've been trying to push myself harder lately but I just get winded quickly. I've always been more a sprinter.  .... Also, burpees. Obviously

How did you first get exposed to CrossFit? I have a few friends that had been raving about it and I was getting bored of my old routine. My favorite thing about CrossFit is the class aspect. It forces me to try new things and it never gets boring.

What is an unexpected way CrossFit has affected your life? I'm a lot more flexible than I used to be. Before trying CrossFit, I never thought to stretch or mobilize. I still have a ways to go, but at least I can touch my toes now.

What is your favorite cheat meal? A spicy pork kimchee burrito from HRD.

How has injury played into your athleticism and mindset fortitude as an athlete? When I first started CrossFit, I tore my shoulder labrum at a different box (I won't name any names). I was trying OH squats for the first time and went way to heavy. It was a humbling experience. Since then, I've learned how important form and technique are. I always try to make sure I'm doing movements correctly before I push myself too hard. Not injuring myself is way more important for gains than that extra 15 pounds.