United Barbell: Now the Home of BIRTHFIT SF!

Have you noticed the increase of strollers around during open gym?  This is because, beginning this year, I have been chosen to be the BIRTHFIT affiliate for San Francisco! I am on a mission here to support the bay area mommas and mommas to be throughout the bay area!  Being BIRTHFIT is a choice.  It is about all education, empowerment, and self nourishment.  Through four pillars: chiropractic, nutrition, mindset, and fitness, I plan to help women train for (or recovering from) one of the biggest athletic events a woman will face in her life.  Want to see what it's all about?  Check out BIRTHFIT SF's site!

Know a new momma who could benefit from some mom-focused time being supported by other new moms?  Pass along the info for our next Postpartum Series! 

What is the postpartum series?

Your body has done an incredible job of growing a life for 9 months. You’ve given birth, taken time to rest and bond with your little one, and now you’re thinking about getting back into working out. Before you head out for that run, or start heavy lifting in CrossFit again come hang out with BIRTHFIT for an 8 class, 4 week series to re-establish your core and wake up your posterior chain. This series will encourage continued healing after birth and set up a solid foundation for getting back into your workout routine. The best part is, you’ll be with other moms who are going through the same thing as you. Non-mobile babies are welcome to join.