Happy 7th Birthday UB!

We interrupt our regular awesome feed to celebrate this day of love.  No, I am not talking about Valentines day... I am talking about our love for you!

Yesterday United Barbell turned 7!  

I can still remember our first day of classes. Olivia and I anxiously awaited to see who would come into our first day of class - power cleans and narF (Fran done backwards).  Despite sleep deprivation we were all sorts of giddy and excited when we had at least a handful of people in every class that day.  As time passed, we hosted challenges, seminars, witnessed athletes marry, have kids, seen epic athlete PR dances, and have had overall good times. From August 16th 2010 through today, United Barbell has exceeded all of our expectations.  

We count ourselves extremely lucky to have such a great group of people to share our dream with every day - you make UB what it is today!  Thank you! An extra special thank you to our coaches, who all share a passion for helping every athlete leave the gym stronger every day. Your dedication is frosting on our 7 layered-cake!

(We hope to see you on Saturday at our anniversary pot luck at 1pm @UB!)