Look How Far You've Come Baby!

When this lady first earned an awesome post back in 2015, she had been with us two years and had begun to peek out of her shell. Her continued unfolding both as an athlete and member of our community in the time since has been something I feel privileged to behold!

UB has always been a huge fan of our quiet and quirky engineer types (we are in the heart of SOMA), and we have a few. Don't let her quirky-morning humor fool you - there is nothing quiet about this woman's determination and drive.  She has found a love of the barbell, working her technique in and out of class. She enjoys it so much in fact, that she has ventured twice onto the oly competition platform. In fact, Brigitte and Peter "TPJ" will both be competing this weekend at the Redwood Empire in Cotati.  If all of that wasn't enough to inspire a high five, she has also become a regular face in the cheering squad of most any UB associated event at or away from the gym... and she is never shy about donating baked goods to the cause. There is no doubt about it: Brigitte has always been all heart, and we sure are lucky that she chooses to share it with us!

Name: Brigitte B.

Hometown: New York 

Occupation: Software Engineer

When did you first start CrossFitting? Well I have calendar events for UB going back to 2013, so I guess that makes it 4 years? It's really been that long? 

Favorite WOD: I'm usually pretty happy with something like Grace, Isabel, or Randy.  I like being able to focus on one lift and not worry about things like how many reps each round is, how many rounds + reps I've gotten through, or how I'm gonna get myself from wall balls to pull-ups through a wall of whirling jump ropes. 

Least favorite WOD: Anything with running, unless it's a partner WOD and Erin can run for me.  

How did you first get exposed to CrossFit?  My boyfriend had somehow got exposed to CrossFit at work and started going to a box near his office. After a few months of his raving about how great it was, I started looking for a gym of my own. 

What is an unexpected way CrossFit has affected your life?  I'm finding I have an easier time talking to new people. It's not so much new confidence as being surrounded by so many people who are more outgoing than me. 

What’s your secret talent? I make stuff, and the more stressed out I get, the more stuff I make. It's not just baking - it's jewelry, pasta, wooden things, knitting, sewing, whatever I can fit in my apartment.

What is your favorite thing to bake??  It's not cupcakes, actually. Those are easy, and they go quickly, but the ones closest to my heart are Italian bakery style cookies. The rainbow cookies and sprinkly butter cookie sandwiches that I started making after I left home and didn't find any that felt right. I usually go a little nuts with them during the holiday season.

What was your first concert? I think that might've been Dope and Omniblank in Rochester, NY. It was a small club show and one of Omniblank's last shows before they broke up, so I still feel pretty lucky to have made it.

What is your biggest phobia? Anything with more than 6 legs. There's a very distinct "spider scream" that some people have heard from the UB shower.

Pick a superpower.  Teleportation. Never late again.

What inspires you?  A whole lot of random stuff. A lot of the stuff that inspires me also gives me really bad ideas, so it might not be a good thing?