Congrats Anita & Coach Steve!

A giant congratulations to Anita and Coach Steve!!  If you weren't yet aware, the this swoletastic pair got hitched over the weekend!   


When Coach Steve was TJ's Steve and walked through the doors of old UB, he was (to no ones surprise) a curious and serious person who was ready to get real with CrossFit.  It took very little time for his passion, kindness, generosity (as a TJs employee, he was our personal supplier of Joe Joes and TJs amazing slated caramels) to show through.  He was one of the least flexible athletes we had seen, but true to Steve's work ethic, he chipped away until he could hit the positions with precision.  Within the first years we knew him, he made it clear he was an was here to stay (and we were lucky to have him!)

Then walked in Anita.  Her friendly and light smile helped her make quick business of making friends at UB and caught the attention of our community... especially Coach Steve. We all saw it. Secret bets were made among the coaches as to how long it would take for these two to get together.... but it took months before Steve sat down with HR to let us in on the good news.

From there these two blossomed, as a couple, individuals, and athletes.  Any relationship either makes an individual greater or lesser than they are on their own.  These two strike an unrivaled balance, continually bringing out more love and layers as time passes. I was honored to bear witness to such a sweet and genuine expression of love on Saturday and couldn't be more excited for these two to start the next chapter in their lives!  Congrats to you both!!