The Weekly Dose of Awesome

Jen has been a consistent presence in the evenings and my weekend classes.  In spite of our slight differences of opinion on playlists, Jen is so much fun to have in my classes.  She always brings her ferocious intensity to her workouts. However, she is also super proactive in improving form.  As coaches, we love it when you call us over to watch a rep or get cues on how to improve. Jen is a great example of how you can have maximal intensity while also getting help and improving your form every day.  The results speak for themselves.

Keep kicking ass Jen!


Name: Jen Randle

Nickname / Alter Ego: JJ / Jran / Randle / Randee

Hometown: San Mateo

Occupation: Pontificating a.k.a. consulting

When did you first start CrossFitting/Strength Training?: April of 2016

When did you first start CrossFitting/Strength Training at UB?: Feb of this year

Favorite WOD: AMRAPs with lots of lifting

Least favorite WOD: The one that involves running

Favorite workout track: Nothing in particular ... definitely something with dope lyrics, hella bass and expletives peppered throughout. Think Jay Z's public service announcement ... it's not millennial candy pop as SOME would lead you to believe.

Least favorite workout track: Most of max's favorites (just jokes ... ish.)

How did you first get exposed to CrossFit? Saw my neighbor (and now one my closest friends) transform her body from a distance and was like, whoa ... I need whatever she is doing in my life.

What is an unexpected way CrossFit has affected your life? I love how many awesome people i meet and get to vibe with every time i'm in the gym and I appreciate how organically the relationships grow over time. Nothing feels forced. You just show up as your best self and little by little you fall into the hum and rhythm of the box till it's just home. As someone just returning to the bay, it feels awesome that I've clicked in and UB is apart of my definition of home. I think it's something special about UB at the same time I've found it a through line within the general crossfit community.

What would be your favorite cheat meal and favorite "good" meal? I don't know about a meal ... but LOVE sweetarts! And nerds! And gobstoppers! And lemonheads and runts (not the banana ones) basically i would be a Willy Wonka junkie if i could.