Ultimately Awesome

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For all of you who participated in Saturday's Ultimate Lift-Off -- thank you for making the day a fun and PR-filled success!  Thank you to our sponsors: Bodywork by Jay and Tender Greens! A special thank you to our staff and volunteers: Brandi, Mom Werba and Coaches Sam, Jack, and Jon - our star setup team; Coach Jason - Colorful commentary & MC extraordinaire, Manu - master photographer; Anita, Brandi, Chris C., Kim, Sean, Sunli, and Coach Nikki - our solid judging team; Coach Max - tech support!  You made the day run like a well oiled machine! 

For those of you who missed it, you missed out! The day was a great demonstration of mental fortitude from every athlete, while also being a great show of camaraderie.  Everyone was in high spirits and had their fiercest game face ready!  And icing on the cake: look at all those PRs (highlighted in yellow) above!  How could you ask for a better day?!  You came and gave it your all -- that is all we could ever ask of you.  It's days like Saturday that make me feel like one lucky lady!

For those of you who missed out, or for those of you wanting to check out some of the beastly moments of the day, check out all the photos here!

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