WorkOut Drunk

The clock is running, you have 15 more power cleans to finish so you can move on to double Unders. Jason, your secret WOD arch nemesis, is catching up to you and let's face it - he has got you on jump rope any day of the week. You flip your into go-go-gadget hyperdrive and start power cleaning like it's the cure for the zombie apocalypse. You finish your last one and victoriously throw the bar down a little too hard and turn to get your rope.  Meanwhile, the bar rolls away, hitting poor Susie Q (its only her 3rd official WOD) mid box jump, causing her to fall, face first, into her kettlebell......


We get it. It is easy to get swept up into the intensity of the moment during a WOD.  And although the above scenario may seem a bit over-dramatized to you, we coaches see oblivious WODing happen to the best. The term for this behavior is WorkOut Drunk. When you are so swept up in your movement/workout/score that you get tunnel vision and lose all sight of the world around you, you have reached WorkOut Drunk. Other side affects are uncoachability and forgetfulness. We appreciate your intensity, but please avoid reaching this state. Just like mom always says - safety first.

So when you are setting up your workout, be mindful of others and equipment around you.  Once the workout has started, stay focused, but make sure you don't turn the on the tunnel vision (e.g. every time you drop a bar, reset to the same start position... do NOT just set up wherever the bar falls and travel the space around you). We all want to get better and beat (insert arch nemesis' name) - but it is possible to do it while still playing well with others. WOD hard, but WOD safe.