To get better at the things we love, we must work on the things we hate.

We all have that thing - you know, the thing(s) we hate working on.  They make us cringe when we see them on the whiteboard.  Who cares if it will help you get better/faster/stronger, you just hate ::insert exercise/modality of choice here::.  For many its mobility, for others its rowing, overhead squats, pull ups, ring dips, or those gosh darn double unders.  But what you avoid like the plague is what keeps you from being a well balanced CrossFitter.  It's easy to stick to your strengths.  But easy is not what CrossFit is about.  Easy is not what motivates you to walk through UB's door time and time again. 

So I want to pose a challenge to you ( addition to working on your October 31st white-board goal).  Between now and Thanksgiving, pick one thing to work on... you know, that thing you suck at.   Come up with a plan and conquer your goat.  How?  I am glad you asked.  Ask your coaches for help before and after class.  Work on it outside the timed pressure of a WOD when a dozen other factors are keeping you from focusing on learning.    The CrossFit Journal put out <a href="" target="_blank">an article</a> back in 2011 that discusses using volume training to attack your goats.  Whatever your plan, the bottom line is do not wait for your weaknesses to show up in a WOD.  That is the lazy man's game plan and will lead to very slow progress.  Remember - how you do anything is how you everything.  So take the time to do things right.  Be a well rounded athlete and give yourself the tools to succeed.