17.5 is finally something easy... to understand, at least!

Of course it won't be easy. The last workout of the Open is NEVER easy. And typically it's not one you want to do more than once. So get in the right state of mind, finish with no regrets, and celebrate the end of the Open - or, perhaps more importantly, the 2017 HOUSE CUP!

The Mambas have a big lead, but it's not over yet. Challenge points are there for the taking! Remember, you can both challenge AND be challenged. That's 4 points available per person, but you can't win if you don't play! Same with Spirit points. This is the LAST WEEK. We expect to see some exceptional spirit ;-)

10 rounds for time of:
9 thrusters (95 / 65#)
35 double-unders
40 minute time cap

Masters 55+:
65 / 45#

Scaled: (Ages 16-54)
65 / 45#
Single Unders

Predictor: 95% of you picked DUs, 92% picked thrusters.  10 of you picked just those 2 movements. Some of those chose the return of the dumbbells, so they lost out. And 4 picked "task priority" as the time format, so those are our winners! Congrats to Anita (Ultimates), Nikhil (Mambas), Coach Jay and Yana (2Fit2Quit). We're giving 2 points per person.

Tips for this week:

  • Warmup needs to be LONG.  Go into this cold or tight, and you will fatigue way too quickly. There will be a warmup written on the board in the back room for those who want to use it.
  • You want your movement pattern on the thruster to be as perfect as you can make it to save energy - so I'm talking about a nice tall chest, elbows high in the front rack, weight slightly on your heels, and a bar that moves in a straight line and up and down. If you don't know how to mobilize for such things, talk to a coach!
  • BREATH! Constant breathing thru these movements is critical.
  • This is a "pain cave" type of workout. Go to the cave. Live in the cave. Love the cave. Tell yourself how amazing it is that you can do this workout!
  • Double unders can be a mental test as much as physical. Get your mind right, stay positive and relaxed. And BREATH!

Movement Standards

WODwell films 17.5 at UB with Coach Jo and Andrew!

Remember, 5/6pm classes on Fridays are CANCELLED. We'll run heats of 17.5 starting at 5pm. Come in, sign up for a heat, warm yourself up, hit the workout, then stay for the next heat to judge. You DO NOT have to be in the House Cup or registered for the Open in order to participate. Stay around as long as you like! Open Fridays at UB are epic :-)