House Cup Final Standings!

I know you just want to know who won. But first, let me congratulate EVERYONE on what will go down as a House Cup to rival Hogwarts! Seriously, though, I've been moved by the spirit, energy, and dedication you all brought to the last 5 weeks. It got better each week, and culminated with a buzzing 17.5 Friday night that was the perfect end to this year's competition. There's a long post ahead. Anyone who makes it to the end, send me a message and let me know! But without delaying further, your winner is...

The Black Mambas!  It was going to take an epic weekend from the Ultimates or 2Fit2Quit - and they tried. The Ultimates once again ran wild on the top 3 placings, but it was their achilles heel of the Open - the Challenges - that left them behind. 2Fit2Quit edged out the week, thanks to big points from Challenges and some top 3 points, but they had too big a hole to climb out of. The Mambas, however, were the most consistent team week to week. They scored points in all areas, lacking some in top 3s but making up for it in Spirit and all members contributing. And in the annals of history, I think it will be the way they rallied their team around the judges course that's remembered. Their spirit showed from day 0 and never wavered, and so Mambo will drink from the House Cup for all of 2017! 

Spirit Points: Anyone around this weekend saw how much spirit was on display. The points ended up fairly evenly split among the teams, and I'm going to convey the highlights in a different way than previous weeks:
Broken but not beaten: Those that displayed Spirit despite injury, modifying and participating however they could - Amy, Brian, Chelsea, Dock, PJ. Know that you inspired many around you. Brian even came in 3rd in the Scaled division this week doing all the hops on ONE LEG!
Challenge-related: the face-offs were at an all-time high this week, with many going outside their comfort zone to make or accept challenges (Brittany, Davis, Tushar). Some, like Mike, kept us entertained throughout the House Cup. Andrew and Coach Jo took on the challenge of being filmed by WODwell the night 17.5 was announced. Special shout out to Austin who never won, but wasn't afraid to challenge someone "above" him every week.
Best-dressed: Austin won the crowd with the singlet, PJ a close second in the ninja costume. Hayley, Steve and the Ultimates had the perfect post-17.5 party attire. And Patrick dressed up UB pre-17.5 to fit the occasion.
Attitude: A little broader category here but these people embodied the House Cup in many ways. Ester was the best all-around judge/cheerleader every week. Chad brought a positive spirit no matter the workout. Dave never let a wod get the best of him, despite devotion to the oly craft. Sunli was there to support you with spray bottles, gummy bears, or hugs - whatever you needed! Anita doodled her way into our hearts. Shannon gave us virtuosity to strive for. And Momma Mamba Loryn embodied House Cup Spirit like no other.
Organizers: We do what we do out of love. That you noticed was icing on a fulfilling cake. Coaches Nikki, Jay, and Jon gave you their best - from designing one-arm scaled wods to pre-heat pep talks, from MC duties to convincing their team to go Braveheart for 17.5. Seriously, who doesn't want Jay on the megaphone every time you work out?
Honorable Mention: Brigitte received many nominations from you all, and she's not even on a team. But she made everyone want to do the workouts just to get to her delicious desserts :-)

One-on-one Challenges
Too many to note here - we filled the board! Ultimates got 6 points, Mambas 16, and 2Fit2Quit got 20 points in challenges this week.

#ubhousecup on social media
3 points for all teams - again, too many to count!

Predictor Points
Anita (Ultimates), Nikhil (Mambas), Coach Jay and Yana (2Fit2Quit) nailed the task-priority couplet of thrusters and DUs.

Judges Course
Mambas - 123 pts
Ultimates - 75 pts
2Fit2Quit - 59 pts

Top 3 RX males
1st - Steve (Ultimates) - 11:30
2nd - Jon (2Fit) - 11:43
3rd - Sean (Ultimates) - 12:22

Top 3 Scaled males
1st - Jack (Mambas) - 13:05
2nd - Alan (Ultimates) - 15:14
3rd - Brian (2Fit) - 19:07

Ultimates - 20 pts
Mambas - 17 pts
2Fit2Quit - 15 pts

Top 3 RX females
1st - Shannon (Ultimates) - 8:08
2nd - Hayley (Ultimates) - 9:19
3rd - Jo (2Fit) - 10:43

Top 3 Scaled females
1st - Courtney (Ultimates) - 9:25 (pregnant!!!)
2nd - Valerie (Ultimates) - 9:40
3rd - Yana (2Fit) - 10:28

Finally, for those who made it this far, here are some extra stats for the nerds like me:

  • Ultimates won the overall Participation points - 99 to the Mambas' 93 and 2Fit's 85
  • Ultimates edged out 2Fit in Top3 points - 75 to 69, with the Mambas a distant 3rd with 36
  • Mambas won overall Spirit points with 33 to Ultimates' 20 and 2Fit's 18
  • #ubhousecup points were fairly equal, but if we didn't cap it at 3 points per team the Ultimates would have dominated thanks to Anita, Chad, and Patrick.
  • WOD Prediction wasn't worth a great deal in the grand scheme, but the Ultimates got 11 points there vs. 7 for the Mambas and 5 for 2Fit. And in general, more Ultimates guessed each week, with Mambas 2nd most and 2Fit the least.
  • 2Fit narrowly won the Challenge points, with 54 vs 48 for the Mambas, and only 18 for the Ultimates.
  • On a strict basis of how many points people scored for their teams, MVPs were:
    • Mambas: Loryn, Nikki, Sunli, Andrew, Ester, Amelia, Yuli, Adrian, Dave, Dock
    • Ultimates: Patrick, Hayley, Anita, Shannon, Chad, Steve, Kristine, Sean, Mike
    • 2Fit2Quit: Jason, Jon, Jo, Brian, Max, Man, Austin, Amy, Mike
  • Coach Jay won the most Challenge points with 12, followed by Erica, Loryn, and Man with 8
  • Anita won the most on WOD Prediction (5), followed by Dock (4) and Alfredo and Yana (3)
  • Shannon dominated the top 3s, followed by Hayley, Jon, Brian, Jo, Mike, Steve, and Yuli
  • No shock, Loryn won the most Spirit pts, followed by Patrick, Austin, Nikki, PJ, Anita, Ester, and Dock

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