House Cup 2017 - Week Four Update

We got the annual Open repeat, along with obligatory memes about butt soreness. The stage is now set for the grand finale of the 2017 House Cup! Here's the 17.4 recap, then use the form below to cast your prediction for 17.5!

The Ultimates rode their momentum from last week - dominating the top-3 placings. But they only just edged the Mambas for the week. Our current leaders got another bunch of Spirit points, won challenges, and had 4 people predict 17.4. 2Fit2Quit had a rough week, not getting many points from top-3s and Challenges as in weeks past.

Spirit of the Open points: 
Mambas (9 points) - Coach Nikki
scored big for her tattoo/tutu/lipstick/nails combo along with looking out for everyone's best deadlift form; Christopher for saving the downed internet with his iPod; Colleen for bringing her fun, relaxed spirit; Dave for deciding to finish a round of 17.4 no matter the time; Dock/Chelsea/PJ for being the 3 (wounded) Musketeers; Ester for her constant push for herself and others; Sunli for playing/cheering/judging his heart out; Adrian for prioritizing his health over a score but still recording a point for the team; and Loryn for organizing "Mamba Black-Out Friday."
Ultimates (5 points) - Captains Hayley & Steve for podium-finishing a local team comp in between monster 17.4 efforts; Anita for the awesome doodles and Tiger poses; Chad for his positive attitude and team spirit; Courtney going Rx for 2 with the little person in her belly; and last but certainly not least Mike for his hilarious social posts (here and here), despite losing challenges to Man 3 weeks in a row (but not 4!).
2Fit2Quit (4 points) - Captain Daniel showed that short shorts and Hulk gloves are a killer combo; Austin for his energy and enthusiasm; Amy for doing what her body will allow and cheering everyone on; Yana for coming back to crush the scaled version after stopping mid-Rx; Coach Max for his judging contributions; and Coach Jon for the prep and planning.

One-on-one Challenges
Mambas - 6 points, for Amelia, Nikki, and Terry
Ultimates - 4 points, from Adam and Mike getting his first win over Man
2Fit2Quit - 2 points for Tyler in the continuing Brobattle with Marek
We only had a handful of challenges for 17.4. I'm assuming it's because everyone's going to challenge the crap out of each other in 17.5.  Remember, this is your BEST WAY TO SCORE POINTS FOR YOUR TEAM!!!  Last week, people!  It's now or never!

#ubhousecup on social media
Much better this week, everyone! All teams get 3 points. However, I think my captain got caught at a bad angle by a couple of you in his post-wod stumble to the shower. I'm including the more accurate picture that I took ;-)

Predictor Points: Adrian, Amelia, Dock, and Terry for the Mambas, Hayley, Steve, and Cormac for the Ultimates, and Yana from 2Fit2Quit each scored 1 point for their teams by guessing the 16.4 repeat.

PRs - We chose not to award PR points this week, but congrats to all who bettered their score from 2016!

Judges Course
Mambas - 123 pts
Ultimates - 75 pts
2Fit2Quit - 59 pts

Top 3 RX males
1st - Patrick (Ultimates) - 211
2nd - Sean (Ultimates) - 207
3rd - Steve (Ultimates) - 206

Top 3 Scaled males
1st - Mike (2Fit) - 235
2nd - Andrew (Mambas) - 195
3rd - Zev (Mambas) - 194

Ultimates - 19 pts
Mambas - 19 pts
2Fit2Quit - 16 pts (yikes, 2Fit!)

Top 3 RX females
1st - Shannon (Ultimates) - 260
2nd - Hayley (Ultimates) - 208
3rd - Nikki (Mambas) - 196

Top 3 Scaled females
1st - Kristina (Mambas) - 214
2nd - Valerie (Ultimates) - 213
3rd - Kristine (Ultimates) - 192

Take your guess at what 17.5 will be!  3 points will be awarded to your team if your guess is the closest to what's announced (ties are possible). Guessing movements will take priority over time format or scheme (e.g. if you guess a 10 minute AMRAP of Wall Balls and OHS, someone else guesses 21-15-9 of HSPU and Deadlifts, and the WOD gets announced as 21-15-9 Wall Balls and OHS, you would win). Fill out the form below to make your submission. Only one guess allowed per athlete. Deadline is 5pm Thursday.

Movement(s) *
please match the number of movements you selected for "Scheme"

For those a little less of an Open history buff than me, here is some worthwhile information:

  • Many movements have been in EVERY Open (e.g. MUs, DUs, C2Bs, Thrusters).
  • 2016 was the first Open to have the same movement in 2 workouts (bar-facing burpees in 16.1 and 16.5). 
  • Since 2012, every Open has had a repeat workout from one of the previous years (and never more than 1 repeat).
  • The last 3 Opens have ended with task-priority workouts (your score is the time it takes to complete the workout).
  • The last 4 Opens have had one workout of "task priority plus bonus time" - i.e. get certain work done in a XX:XX time, and then get more time to do more work.
  • 2015 was the first year a max-effort lift was part of a workout (15.1a).  That has yet to be seen again in the Open.
  • It was announced that 2017 will feature dumbbells for the first time in the Open - add that into the Movement Notes if you want to for extra specificity.