The Weekly Dose of Awesome

Warren is a guy whom, if you are not familiar with him, you should add getting to know him to your list of New Year resolutions. Whether in class, or grinding it out during open gym in between classes and finals, he is always giving his best, always looking to improve and get better. Where as some people may shy away from feedback or being watched and critiqued on their movements, Warren seeks it out and strives to get better. No matter what the workout is, even if its his least favorite movement of running, he always has a can do attitude and attacks it head on. While may seem shy at first, once you crack that shell you'll realize what a great addition to our community he is! He has a head down and hard work mentality that motivates me and I hope will come to motivate you as well!


Name: Warren S.

Nickname: Sheffy

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Occupation: FireFighter for Fresno Air National guard and Part-time  Sales associate for Macy's Union Square

When did you first start Crossfitting: I started crossfit in March of 2017

When did you first start Crossfitting at UB: September of 2017

Favorite WOD: I don't think i have any favorite WOD, I guess anything that would put me to work i would say

Least favorite WOD: My least favorite WOD is anything that has running in it.

How did you first get exposed to crossfit: I didn't care much about my health and did not workout out for 1 year. When it was time to take my PT test i was in the worst shape i have ever been in years and i actually failed it miserable. So i told myself that i did not want to feel this way again, I started to go back to the gym but this time it was to a crossfit it help me get back into shape and pass my PT test. After that I was hook because of all the support you get after the workout

What is an unexpected way Crossfit has affected your life: Growing up i was such an introvert just wanting to be left alone, With crossfit it help me with my confidence and pushed me to come out of my shell. Im really grateful for that and met a lot of amazing people because of it.

What is the first song in your favorite playlist right now: Born Free by Kid Rock is the first song of my playlist and it is actually the first song that i listen to, to start off my day.