A Shift in Programming

If you are a member of United Barbell, you likely know that I have overseen all UB programming and have personally programmed the high majority of the regular class WODs for the last 7 years.  Making sure you have an effective, fun, intentional program is a process I am passionate about and treat like my own child. However, as I prepare to have my own real baby, we have decided to experiment with some programming methodologies in my stead while I am out.

For the next couple months we are playing with some tried and true programs put forth by some of CrossFit's great minds & athletes such as Ben Bergeron and Pat Barber.  We are open to and welcome feedback during this time.  Please note during this experiment, we will not be able to guarantee full week WOD previews.  That said, WODs will continue to be in SugarWOD for social tracking.  We appreciate your input and patience during this time and look forward to continuing to make UB the ultimate place to get your WOD on.