The Sorting Hat: 2018 House Cup

Last week, United Barbell team captains & co-captains got together to do our second annual House Cup team draft!  Your six fearless and feisty leaders scrambled to collect you as their tenacious and spirited teammates. Old teams were split and lovers divided, the night was full of surprises.  The last two House Cups proved to be highlights of their years: 5 weeks filled with cheering, PRs, and healthy competition... and so far this year is stacking up to be even better!

Before you scroll down and read the draft results, please remember if you are not on the team that you were last year (or the year before), consider you may have been snatched up by another team before your captain was able to secure your spot.  That said, welcome to your 2018 House Cup team!!!

First item on the agenda?  Team shirts!  

We continue to work to make the House Cup the best experience for all involved. Stay tuned for all new info on team scoring and ways to secure this year's spot on the House Cup trophy!