Conscious Athlete Mindfulness Course Next Month!

Join Coach Jason Luk in a half day course to teach you (and 19 of your closest friends) how to be a conscious athlete.  Want to see how mindfulness may elevate your game?  Curious to see what else is possible on top of technique, programming, strength and nutrition?  Mental awareness, confidence, and manifestation are the prerequisites to being a conscious athlete.  This course is for you!

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WHEN:  Sunday, February 11th, from 11:45am-5pm (includes one hour lunch break)

COST:   $95

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WHAT:   Negative self-talk getting you down?  Join your fellow members and spend five hours with Coach Jason Luk, 2008 CrossFit Games Athlete and mindfulness leader learning how to incorporate meditation to strengthen your practice.  Jason teaches mindfulness tools like visualization with the goal of mental preparation, confidence, and manifestation.  Whether you have a mindfulness practice or not, all levels are welcome.  Beginners will learn how to start to incorporate mindfulness and seasoned practitioners will learn new possibilities to enhance their practice in this five hour course.  In fact, the only person who won't benefit from this is someone who is unwilling to be open, vulnerable and share what’s going in their mind (If that's you, see your coach after class).

Keep in mind, space is limited to 20 athletes!

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